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After almost a year of work we just opened our new store – Blast It! – at All new arrivals as well as most of the former Torture Music Records stock will now exclusively be available at the new store.

To clear out the remaining stock at most prices have been reduced to 2.99 EUR per CD. In addition, we added a couple of package deals which allow you to get an even bigger discount if you buy in bulk, starting at 19.90 EUR for 10 CDs of your choice.

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Torture Music Records Releases

DEFILEMENTORY “The Dismal Ascension” (2014)

Dark, twisted, brutal: this is “The Dismal Ascension”, the debut album by Danish death metal outfit Defilementory.

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TORTUROUS INCEPTION “The Parable Of Scorched Earth” (2013)

From the depths of the iconic NYDM scene emerge Torturous Inception, who, with their debut album, “The Parable Of Scorched Earth”, set out to unleash a prime example of brutal death metal done the nasty way – the New York way! – onto the metal masses.

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WHORETOPSY “They Did Unspeakable Things” (2012)

From Melbourne, Australia, comes forth Whoretopsy, a five-piece brutal death metal band devoted to delivering the ultimate, sonic punishment.
Blending slams and blasts of bone-shattering proportions together with some of the most vile vocals imaginable, the band’s debut full-length album, “They Did Unspeakable Things”, will penetrate your eardrums in a most pleasurable way.

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